General information about the company

The main types of activity of PJSC “Quadra – Power Generation” are production and sale of electricity on the wholesale electricity and capacity market, and production, transportation and sale of thermal energy on the retail market. The company meets 25% of needs of the Central Federal District consumers in thermal energy.

Power plants

Heating plants

5’876 km
Heat pipes in total length

3'876 MW
The total installed electric capacity

14’463.2 Gcal/h
The total installed thermal capacity

*As of 01/11/2021


Today the company “Quadra – Power Generation” is on a new stage of its development. The company implements a large-scale investment program which stipulates construction of almost 1000 MW of new capacity for the period before the year 2018 within the framework of the obligations towards the government in accordance with the capacity supply agreements.

Two remaining construction projects are in the process of implementation currently – GSU (gas steam units) in Alexin (Tula Region) and Voronezh – their total capacity is 338 MW. Owing to the implementation of the investment program, the company will renovate more than 30% of generating capacities.

Construction of GSU-115 MW at the Alexin HPP (Tula Region)