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PJSC «Quadra — Power Generation» informs of holding the annual General Meeting of Shareholders

on holding of the annual General Meeting of Shareholders of
Public Joint Stock Company «Quadra — Power Generation» (PJSC «Quadra — Power Generation»)
(seat: city of Tula, Tula Region, Russian Federation)

Dear shareholders!

PJSC «Quadra — Power Generation» (hereinafter also referred to as the «Company») informs you of holding the annual General Meeting of Shareholders (hereinafter also referred to as the «Meeting») on 22 June 2018 in the form of a meeting (joint presence) with the following agenda:

1. Approval of the Annual Report, annual accounting (financial) statements of the Company for 2017.
2. Distribution of profit (including payment (announcement) of dividends) and losses of the Company following the reporting year 2017.
3. Election of members of the Board of Directors of the Company.
4. Election of members of the Internal Audit Commission of the Company.
5. Approval of the Auditor of the Company.
6. Reduction in the charter capital of PJSC «Quadra — Power Generation» by way of redemption of repurchased shares of PJSC «Quadra — Power Generation».
7. Approval of the Charter of PJSC «Quadra — Power Generation» in a new version.

The items were included in the agenda of the Meeting under the proposal of the Company’s Board of Directors.
The shareholders — owners of ordinary and preferred shares of the Company have the right to vote on all agenda items of the Meeting.
Date, as at which the persons entitled to participate in the Meeting are defined (registered) — 28 May 2018.

Time of holding the Meeting — 1:00 p. m., local time.
Time of the beginning of registration of the persons participating in the Meeting — 12:00 p. m., local time.
Place of holding the Meeting: 99в Timiryazeva Street, city of Tula, Tula Region, event hall.
In order to enter the place of holding the Meeting and participate in the Meeting, a shareholder or his/her representative should have a passport or another document of identification; a representative of a shareholder should additionally have a power of attorney (the form of the power of attorney is placed on the Company’s website) executed in the manner established by the Russian Federation laws.

Filled-in ballots may be sent to one of these postal addresses:
• 99в Timiryazeva Street, city of Tula, Tula Region, RF, 300012, PJSC «Quadra — Power Generation»;
• 18, bldg. 5Б, Stromynka Street, Moscow, 107076, JSC «Independent Registrar Company»

The persons entitled to participate in the Meeting may examine the information (documents) on the agenda items of the Meeting:
a) during the period from 1 June 2018 through 21 June 2018 (inclusive) on business days from 10:00 a. m. till 03:00 p. m. at the following addresses:
— in the premises of the Company’s executive body: 99в Timiryazeva Street, city of Tula, Tula Region, room 309;
— in the premises of the Company’s branches:

«Belgorod Generation» – 45-з Shchorsa Street, city of Belgorod, Belgorod Region
«Voronezh Generation» – 2 Lebedeva Street, city of Voronezh, Voronezh Region
«Kursk Generation» – 9 Nizhnyaya Naberezhnaya Street, city of Kursk, Kursk Region
«Lipetsk Generation» – 8a Moskovskaya Street, city of Lipetsk, Lipetsk Region
«Orel Generation» – 6 Energetikov Street, city of Orel, Orel Region
«Smolensk Generation» – 33 Tenishevoi Street, city of Smolensk, Smolensk Region
«Tambov Generation»
– 7 Energetikov Side-street, city of Tambov, Tambov Region

b) during the meeting on 22 June 2018.

The specified information may also be examined from 23 May 2018 through 22 June 2018 (inclusive) on the Company’s website on the Internet at www. quadra. ru.
The votes presented by the voting ballots received no later than on 19 June 2018 (inclusive) will be taken into account when defining the quorum and summarizing the voting at the annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

Board of Directors of PJSC «Quadra — Power Generation»


 The Annual Report of 2017 (pdf, 2.0 Mb)

 Audited consolidated financial statements for 2017 (under IFRS) (pdf, 719 kb)