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General Director of “Quadra – Power Generation”: “Cooperation with Local Authorities Has a Positive Effect on Heat Supply in Regions”

General Director of “Quadra – Power Generation”: “Cooperation with Local Authorities Has a Positive Effect on Heat Supply in Regions”

On October 5, within the framework of Russian Energy Week, an All-Russian meeting “On the progress of preparation of the electric power facilities for the autumn and winter period 2018–2019” was held in Moscow, chaired by Alexander Novak, Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation. Semyon Sazonov, General Director of PJSC “Quadra – Power Generation” delivered a report at the meeting. He told about the results of the joint work with the authorities in the regions attended by the company.

“For the past three years, the company has entered into cooperation agreements with the authorities in all regions of its presence, during which problems of heat supply in the territories were identified and prospects for further development were determined,” said Mr Sazonov. “Updating of the heat supply schemes in the regions made it possible to take measures to release the most efficient heating capacity of HPPs (heat power plants), connect new consumers, decommission low-efficient boiler plants, improve quality of heat supply by way of installing weather control systems, perform a number of measures to regulate heat supply systems and introduce modern technologies of mode control.

In addition, Semyon Sazonov noted a number of the problems and administrative barriers that the company faced in the regions.

“Unfortunately, we do not always see understanding on the part of local self-government authorities, which are the main customers of heating schemes,” he said. “So, this year one of the heads of municipalities on the eve of the heating season appointed the company as a UHSE (unified heat supply entity) in a small heat supply area. As a result, instead of preparing for the winter, we have to organize sales activities and increase the number of staff.”

In this regard, “Quadra – Power Generation’s” General Director turned to the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities with a proposal to amend the heat supply law regarding the procedure for the appointment of the UHSE, to expand the powers of the Ministry of Construction as to the approval of heat supply schemes for municipalities with the population of up to 500 thousand people, and to involve authorities of the Russian Federation constituent entities in the schemes approval. These measures will speed up the work related with the heating systems renovation.

Semyon Sazonov also called attention to the obstacles identified during the implementation of the project for switching to direct settlements with consumers in one of the regions attended by “Quadra – Power Generation.”

“Unfortunately, unfair management companies are delaying the process of switching to direct contracts,” he stated. “At the same time, the heat supply system in the regions requires renovation, so it is necessary that financial resources come to us as quickly as possible. Today, the company’s receivables amount to RUB 9 bn, which is equivalent to three years of the investment projects implementation and three years of financing the repair campaign.

At the end of his speech, Semyon Sazonov emphasized the need to approve the action plan submitted to the Russian Federation Government on the switch to the heat energy supply on the basis of metering devices. According to the head of “Quadra – Power Generation”, this will allow “to get the system up and running regarding the standards of consumption of housing services.”

Vladimir Yakushev, Minister of Construction, Housing and Public Utility Services of the Russian Federation noted the need to discuss the proposals delivered, including possible amendments to the heat supply law.

“If there are issues that prevent the grid facilities from operating according to norms, and if there is a misunderstanding on the part of municipal authorities, including the issue of delimitation of powers, then these problems must be solved: they must not interfere with moving forward. The Ministry of Construction is waiting for your proposals and is ready to respond to them in a timely manner,” said Vladimir Yakushev.