Retooling and reconstruction

Техперевооружение и реконструкция

The retooling, reconstruction and development program (RRD Program) of PJSC “Quadra – Power Generation” is aimed to improve the reliability of energy equipment, ensure safety and efficiency of production, enhance the quality of power supply for consumers, increase the supply of thermal energy and electricity, and improve the labor conditions for personnel.

As to the Company’s generating facilities, the main actions of the RRD Program are related with the prolongation of the resource of equipment at the existing competitive plants, and removal of technological constraints as to the delivery of electricity and capacity.

The large projects under the program in terms of generation include delivery of equipment for the renovation of gas turbine unit #2 of NWD HPP in the city of Kursk (North-Western District Heat Power Plant), replacement of gas turbine unit #2 at Voronezh HPP-2, reconstruction of the gas turbine unit at the Livny HPP, replacement of transformer #31 at the Alexin HPP, re-equipment of 110 kV indoor switchgear at Lipetsk HPP-2, delivery of equipment in order to implement power distribution schemes for the GSU (gas steam units) of the Alexin HPP and Dyagilev HPP.

The heat grid facilities went through the construction of new heat grids and replacement of dilapidated ones in order to change the transmission capacity and enhance the reliability of heat supplies; more than 0.4 km of worn-out heating grids (in terms of one-pipe length equivalent) were replaced using the modern insulating materials.

The large projects in the field of the heat grid facilities include the next stage of the reconstruction of the site of heating line #13 in the city of Voronezh, continuation of the construction of the district grids in the microdistrict Eletskiy in the city of Lipetsk, reconstruction of steam pipeline #7 and the site of heat grid #3 in the city of Smolensk, construction of new heat grids in the cities of Belgorod and Lipetsk within the framework of the program for the technological connection of new consumers.