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New GSU of «Quadra’s» Dyagilev HPP Passes First Scheduled Inspection

New GSU of «Quadra’s» Dyagilev HPP Passes First Scheduled Inspection

The first scheduled inspection of the equipment has been completed at GSU-115 MW (gas and steam unit) of the Dyagilev HPP (heat power plant) of the Central Branch, PJSC «Quadra — Power Generation». Its necessity has been explained by the fact that as from the moment of putting into operation the new energy unit has operated 8 thousand equivalent hours.

«The scheduled maintenance is carried out annually to maintain reliable operation of the energy unit,» said Andrey Ryabykh, managing director of «Central Generation», the branch of PJSC «Quadra — Power Generation». He added that the maintenance had been carried out by the people of specialized organizations and employees of «Quadra — Power Generation.»

As a result of the inspection, an official conclusion was received from the maintenance services about the complete readiness of GSU-115 MW equipment to operate in the regulated load mode. The reliability of the generator and the electrical part of the power plant was confirmed.
For the period of the scheduled inspection and subsequent preventive maintenance at GSU (equipment units, steam and gas turbines), the Dyagilev HPP fulfilled all of its obligations for the supply of thermal energy due to the operation of the «old» part of the plant.

The new energy unit (GSU-115MW) of the Dyagilev HPP was put into operation in January 2017. The expansion project of the Dyagilev HPP was carried out as part of the fulfillment of the obligations under the Capacity Supply Agreements (CSAs). In 2017, GSU-115 MW produced 569.5 mln. kW/h of electricity and supplied 206.6 ths. Gcal of thermal energy.