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“Quadra – Power Generation” Has Increased H1 Profit under IFRS

PJSC “Quadra – Power Generation” has published the interim shortened consolidated financial statements under the international standards for the first half-year. 

According to the results, for the first six months, the revenue of PJSC “Quadra – Power Generation” equals RUR 26.8 bn (H1 2016: RUR 24.8 bn).

EBITDA in the reporting period is RUR 4.6 bn, which is 1.4 time larger than the similar index of the past year (RUR 3.2 bn). The trend was materially influenced by the commissioning of the CSA (capacity supply agreement) facility GSU-115 MW (gas steam unit) at the Dyagilev HPP and implementation of a complex of the measures aimed to improve operational efficiency of the company’s activities.

The results of the financial activities of PJSC “Quadra – Power Generation” for the first half of the year 2017 under IFRS are available at the Company’s website in the section Shareholders and Investors / Reporting under IFRS.