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“Quadra – Power Generation” Has Increased Year 2018 Revenue under IFRS

PJSC “Quadra – Power Generation” has published the 2018 financial results (as at 31 December) in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

The Company’s sales revenue in 2018 was RUB 51.1 bn against RUB 50.2 bn in 2017. The main factors which influenced the performance were the increase in the amounts of sales of thermal energy in the regions and the increase in the operational performance of the company.

As a result of the fixed assets reassessment, the company’s loss equaled RUB 2.5 bn, and the net profit of PJSC “Quadra – Power Generation” without the fixed assets reassessment equaled RUB 1.15 bn. The total gain in the capital for the year 2018 was RUB 5.4 bn.