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“Quadra – Power Generation” is Ready to Perform Renovation of its Facilities

“Quadra – Power Generation” is Ready to Perform Renovation of its Facilities

Svetlana Nikonova, Deputy General Director of PJSC “Quadra – Power Generation” for economy has taken part in the panel discussion “Renovation of Generating Facilities in the Electric Power Sector: Problems and Prospects” at the International Forum for Energy Efficiency “Russian Energy Week” (REW). Delivering her speech, she stressed the need to search for common points with regions in the renovation-related issue.

“We are directly interested in the renovation of generating equipment, and the same is observed among regional authorities. As for the company, it is ready to ensure the renovation of facilities and improvement of the efficiency of the fuel balance,” – Svetlana Nikonova noted.

Besides, she added that the synergetic effect of the renovation would be derived by not only the energy market participants, but also by the producers of the main and auxiliary equipment.

During the panel discussion, the regulators and generating companies’ representatives came to a conclusion that the elaboration of new renovation mechanisms in the market conditions were needed nowadays more than ever.

The International Forum for Energy Efficiency and Energy Development “Russian Energy Week” (REW) is held in Moscow and Saint Petersburg from 3 to 7 October 2017. This is a uniform sector communication business site on the international level in Russia related with the energy sector. The Forum discusses the prospects of development of such basic economy sectors as the oil, gas, coal, and petrochemical industry.