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“Quadra – Power Generation” Will Publish Data on Payment Discipline of Contractors in the System “SPARK Payments Monitoring”

“Quadra – Power Generation” Will Publish Data on Payment Discipline of Contractors in the System “SPARK Payments Monitoring”

PJSC “Quadra – Power Generation” has joined in the system for sharing data on consumers’ payment discipline “SPARK Payments Monitoring” which is implemented based on the system “Spark-Interfax.” The company will publish information on the timely redemption of indebtedness for heat supply services by contractors in 11 regions of the Central Federal District.

“The problem of receivables affects the interests of not only the resource supplying entities, but also consumers. The indebtedness growth impedes the formation of the sources of financing the repairs programs, which can have a negative impact on the reliability and quality of heat supply. We believe that the publication of the data on unfair contractors will help improve the level of their payment discipline, understand our consumer better and build a functional and mutually profitable dialogue with it,” stressed Andrey Matytsin, acting director of the thermal energy sales department of PJSC “Quadra – Power Generation.”

Publication of the data in the system “SPARK Payments Monitoring” will also help the company identify the cases of “payments prioritization” – the practice of conducting business, when a client company considers it appropriate to make payments to some suppliers in time, and to delay payments to other suppliers under various pretexts which are often vain.

Following the year 2018, the legal entities’ debt to PJSC “Quadra – Power Generation” has equaled RUB 5.5 bn. The debt in the amount of RUB 5.1 bn is overdue for more than 90 days. Following the past year, the debt of budget-financed entities and the category of “other consumers” has grown.

“SPARK Payments Monitoring” ( is Russia’s first “bureau of payment histories” which collects information on the timeliness of settlement of accounts by companies and individual entrepreneurs with suppliers. It stimulates clients to extinguish debts in time. Participating companies, owing to the data from the bureau available in the system “SPARK-Interfax”, mitigate risks in the event of providing deferred payments, and work with receivables efficiently. The bureau’s’ information allows to form ratings of the payment discipline of companies and IPs in the system “SPARK-Interfax.”

“SPARK- Interfax” ( is the leader and generally accepted sector standard in Russian market of services for evaluating credit risks and ensuring business safety. The system is used to check contracting companies, manage risks and receivables. According to the data of the polling held by the company Deloitte, the system “SPARK-Interfax” is used by 71.5% companies of large-scale and medium-sized business to check reliability of partners.