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“Quadra” Starts Installation of Main Equipment of GSU-223 MW in Voronezh

“Quadra” Starts Installation of Main Equipment of GSU-223 MW in Voronezh

The company “Quadra – Power Generation” continues works at the closed switchgear of 110 kV (CS-110 kV) of the new power unit of Voronezh HPP-1 (heat power plant). Finishing works are now in the process of completion; installation of equipment for the switchgear and control gear (SCG) is carried out. The installation of the main elements of steam turbines and their   generators started in the main building of GSU-223 MW.

“The construction of all foundations for the main equipment has been completed in the main building. Besides, we plan to complete the installation of waste-heat boilers soon,” Deputy General Director for capital construction of PJSC “Quadra – Power Generation” Denis Ulanov said.

Now the construction of the technological racks and cable facilities racks, and the installation of electrical equipment of two fan cooling towers are held in the territory of GSU-223 MW. The works regarding the arrangement of the foundations for transformers continue.

Construction of GSU-223 MW at Voronezh HPP-1 is included in the investment program of PJSC “Quadra – Power Generation” and is implemented under capacity supply agreements (CSAs).

After the construction of the power unit is completed, the company will be able to put the technically obsolete equipment of Voronezh HPP-1 out of operation and increase the efficiency of the plant. Thanks to putting GSU-223 MW into operation, Voronezh HPP-1 will produce more than 1,300 million kWh of electricity a year.