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“Quadra” Tells about Training of New Employees at All-Russia Forum “Instructor-2018”

“Quadra” Tells about Training of New Employees at All-Russia Forum “Instructor-2018”

“Quadra” took part in the All-Russia Forum “Instructor – 2018”, the project of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), aimed to develop and support the professional instructing environment in the country. During the plenary discussion of “Practice of Selecting and Educating Instructors”, chief engineer of the Belgorod branch of the company Victor Gorlov shared his experience in the instructing energy specialists with his colleagues from Rosatom, Bashneft, Aeroflot, and other large enterprises.

“During the year 2017, 59 instructors trained 78 new employees in the branches of “Quadra” to work with energy equipment”, Director of the HR Department Yury Lyazer said, stressing that now the company applies a three-step model of instructing new employees. Its concept is as follows: the instructor gradually explains a task, then shows the instructed what needs to be done – all this takes him three months. The final stage is independent work under the supervision of the instructor.

According to Yury Lyazer, the system proved successful, and one of “Quadra’s” employees won in the All-Russia Contest “Best Practices of Instructing”, held within the framework of the forum. Vladimir Artozeyev (on the photo), auxiliary operator of turbine equipment of Lipetsk HPP-2, got into the top 10 of the contest as one of the most experienced instructors: he trained more than 60 young professionals for work at the plant for 40 years of his work.

The All-Russia Contest “Best Practices of Instructing” is arranged within the framework of the first forum aimed to develop the professional instructing environment “Instructor – 2018.” Representatives of different companies aspired to win in its 5 main nominations – “Instructing at the production site”, “Instructing in the social sphere”, ” Instructing in the educational and hobby group movements”, “Instructing in business and entrepreneurship”, “Children teach children”.

The Forum “Instructor – 2018″ unites representatives of HR departments of the largest state and business corporations, federal and regional authorities, employees of non-profit organizations and educational institutions.