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Semyon Sazonov Has Taken Part in Discussion of Heat Generation Renovation Program

Semyon Sazonov Has Taken Part in Discussion of Heat Generation Renovation Program

On October 5, within the framework of Russian Energy Week, a round table discussion was held; it was devoted to the renovation of Russia’s heat generation. The discussion was attended by the representatives of federal authorities, leading generating companies, heavy machinery enterprises, and consumers.

“The renovation program is for us crucial, because almost a half of the company’s facilities have exceeded their life cycle and are supposed to be decommissioned in the nearest years,” said Semyon Sazonov, General Director of PJSC “Quadra Power Generation” at the panel session devoted to the heat generation issues in the framework of Russian Energy Week.

Besides, he stressed that at the moment the main question remained unanswered. What will happen to those companies the facilities of which do not qualify for the renovation program? “There are concerns that in selecting projects, many HPPs (heat power plants) will not cope with the competition with condensing power plants. These risks are explained by objective reasons that are not taken into account by the current selection conditions for the program. Meanwhile, we are present in 10 regions of the Central Federal District, where 12 million people live, and we occupy a dominant position in the field of heat supply in many regions. This problem needs to be discussed,” said “Quadra – Power Generation’s” General Director.

The company plans include renovation of the facilities with the equipment manufactured in 1950–1960, which has reached the end of its useful life. It is assumed that the application for the first selection will include projects to replace turbine generators at Voronezh HPP-1 and Smolensk HPP-2, turbines at Tambov HPP and Lipetsk HPP-2, as well as the reconstruction of the Efremov and Orel HPPs. The implementation of these projects will significantly improve the performance details of the equipment and reduce the prime cost of energy production.